Thank you so much for your interest in our classes! As we recently announced, we are undergoing a transition from The Nerdist School to The Ruby LA. We’ve put a temporary hold on class registrations on this page while we finalize the registration page on our new site. All of the classes listed below will still be proceeding as planned, so you can still check out the teacher bios and class dates. If you’re interested in registering for any of the classes below, please email:

Our comedy training focuses on teaching you 3 core principals:

1. ACTING: communicating realism to an audience and living in the moment.
2. SUBTEXT: communicating what’s happening underneath a scene.
3. VOICE: having the ability and confidence to express yourself on stage.

Improv Sketch Acting

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Refund Policy

  • The Nerdist School has a no-refund policy on all classes and shows. If we need to cancel or re-schedule a class for any reason, you are entitled to take that class or classes equal to the admission price of that class. You may use your class credit for up to two years, after which time it expires.
  • The Nerdist School reserves the right to replace a course instructor, without notice, and at any time, with another equally qualified course instructor.
  • The Nerdist School also reserves the right to postpone or cancel a course if an emergency or unforeseen conflict arises. In the event of a complete cancellation, students’ tuition will be refunded or credited. Any fees incurred by students for travel, lodging, etc. will not be reimbursed by the Nerdist School.