Podcast Booth Bookings


Looking for a place to record your podcast? The Nerdist School Podcast booth is available! You get access to pro equipment, pro sound studio space, and a pro engineer to monitor and deliver your mix for $30/hr. Current students receive a discount.



NOTE: We require a week’s notice for podcast bookings. Bookings requested for within a week will be kicked back. For questions, email booth@nerdistschool.com. Thanks!

CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING POLICY: We require 48 hours’ notice for cancellations/rescheduling. Cancellations/reschedulings that occur with fewer than 48 hours to your record date require full payment of engineer’s fees to recoup their time. Thanks for your understanding!

RESPECT THE SPACE: If you are waiting in the green room for the booth, please note that others may be conducting meetings or readings in that space. Please keep talking to a minimum if others are using the space for these purposes. Please clean up after you leave. Any items you bring into the booth must come out with you when you leave. Thank you!

Details & Payment
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