Five-Hour Maker Fest

short film festival los angeles

The 5 Hour Maker Fest is back!

The 5-Hour Maker Festival is a chance for eager creators in and outside the Nerdist School community to create together. On Sunday, March 11th, come to Nerdist School with any gear you own: sound, lights, laptop, digital camera, web-cam, iPhone, iPad etc. You will be randomly assigned a production team, a work location, and a suggestion. And then you’ll get 5 hours to write, shoot, and edit a video! Let your limitations spur creativity. If sound is bad – do something silent with subtitles. At the end of 5 hours you hand your finished video over and then we screen every video shot that day!

Participation is capped at 35 people.

To register, fill out the google form below and venmo your $7 registration fee to @Nerdistschool with “5FilmFest” in the caption line.